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All lecterns and podiums for sale are equipped with Clear Sound ‘components, insuring that the audience will not only hear but understand every word.

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What Type of Business Can Benefit From Using a Lectern or Podium?

What Type of Business Can Benefit From Using a Lectern or Podium?

Speakers and professionals alike utilize lecterns or podiums as an essential tool for a variety of reasons, and they're not planning on going anywhere anytime soon. Whether they are used by lecturers, motivational speakers, or preachers, lecterns or podiums help presenters speak confidently and persuasively. Both of these are effective tools for many situations, whether you need it for a classroom, a conference room, or an event center. This article serves as a quick guide for you to know which industries benefit from using lecterns.

Businesses and Industries that Benefit from Using a Lectern

There are many ways to use lecterns, which come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. Without a doubt, these industries and businesses can benefit from using a lectern in key moments.


In any airport, you can see lecterns and podiums being used in many different capacities. The most familiar places to find them would be at the Security Checkpoint where you have your IDs and boarding passes checked.

Auction Houses

A podium is used during an auction to present information about an item for sale and to take bids. Auctions take place in a wide variety of locations. Through their ability to pique potential bidders' interest and passion, auctioneers organize the sale of commodities for the highest price, whether it be in quiet art galleries, opulent charity dinners, outdoor events, or parched cattle yards. It is critical for auctioneers to ensure that everyone in the room can hear clearly and easily.

Banquet or Reception Halls

If you are hosting an event in a banquet hall, you will most likely need a lectern or podium. Banquet halls are large gathering areas for parties, weddings, and other special occasions. In these situations, a professional-looking podium on which to make announcements or give presentations is essential. Lecterns in these halls can also be used for presentations, training sessions, and toasts.

Charity or Volunteer Organizations

A podium or lectern can be used to promote a charity or organization, to hold meetings, programs, and banquets, as well as to promote fundraising events.


Lecterns are frequently used in religious settings like the church, offices, abbey, and more. They are typically used to support the religious text on which the sermons are based when delivered during church services. The church lectern draws attention to the speaker and gives them a greater sense of authority in addition to acting as a platform. Because lecterns are smaller than pulpits, churches frequently use them as a secondary source, reading scripture or making announcements.


Hotels are deciding against desks in favor of podiums. This makes the concierge area more hospitable and accessible. A custom podium is also an excellent way to greet new customers and make a good first impression.

Conference or Convention Centers

A conference center or corporate boardroom is another large venue that would benefit from the use of a lectern. Because conference centers frequently have multiple rooms, making announcements or giving presentations without a lectern is difficult. A multimedia lectern can serve as a focal point for your audience and ensure that everyone in the room can hear you clearly. Having a place to store materials will also help businesses stay organized and avoid losing anything during presentations.

Educational Facilities

In the world of academia, lecterns have always been necessary. The underlying word for both "lectern" and "lecture" is "legere," which means "to read" in Latin. Even today, there is a clear connection between these two ideas: when addressing a lecture hall of a hundred students, any lecturer will benefit from having a place to lay their notes. Lecterns with a slant surface also allow lecturers to have better sightlines and create eye contact with their students more readily. A podium or lectern can also be used for student orientations, prep rallies, debate competitions, award ceremonies or banquets, and of course, graduation ceremonies.

Funeral Homes

Clergy and family members spend a lot of time crafting the ideal eulogies at funerals. Sharing memories and tributes is an important part of the family's healing process and comforts them as well as everyone present at the service. Therefore, it is essential that funeral homes and other service locations offer dependable lecterns so that information may be conveyed clearly. It is important to have a platform where eulogies, scriptures, and memories can be read.


Many libraries use a lectern to promote lifelong learning through a variety of informational meetings, conferences, and lectures. Having multi-function reading lecterns in a library can be a useful tool for library users to hold the book they're reading at a comfortable angle and level if the library provides a reading room. By taking this into account, the library will appear more welcoming and professional.


During a municipal council meeting, a lectern can be utilized to help the mayor or other officials make announcements or deliver presentations. In town hall meetings, a lectern can be utilized to keep attendees' attention on the speaker and guarantee that everyone in the room can hear them clearly.


Lecterns in restaurants are an excellent choice because they take up little space while providing a discreet location for the reservations list. Restaurants can also use a lectern or podium that can hold seating diagrams and menus as a host stand. An attractive lectern can blend in with the other furniture in your restaurant if you choose the right one.

Sports Facilities

Sports teams typically use lecterns for post-game news conferences. In these situations, announcements or presentations may be made using a personalized podium with a logo. Additionally, a lectern may help keep the audience's focus on the speaker at a sporting event.

Valet Parking

Many restaurants, hotels, stores, nightclubs, hospitals, concerts, and sporting events have installed valet stations, which are podiums with numbered key slots to identify a customer's vehicle. These podiums are mobile and can be moved from one location to another.

Every Business and Profession is Worthy of a Lectern

Because businesses and professionals work hard for a presentation, an event, or an occasion, having a lectern is always ideal. In addition, lecterns today are stylish, minimalist pieces that are not so obvious and suit your modesty. You won't need to worry about how you will appear to your audience.

So, to set up custom lecterns for your place of business, school, community, or event venue, get in touch with Podium Lectern today. We provide a wide range of perfect podium styles and lecterns for your events that can be made to meet your unique requirements. We also have everything you need to set up your sound system to make your meetings comfortable and effective.



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