Best Portable Lectern In The World We believe our innovative products can assist students with extra incentive to achieve. At Accent Lectern our products are designed to be ultra-lightweight, unbreakable and portable (can be moved by elementary students) to make learning easier, safer and more effective. This lectern assimilates into your decor, combining light durability with optional shell colors and interchangeable inserts that allow you to adapt by blending in, standing out, or representing the colors and logo of any educational institution. We work to make learning a transformational experience for today's students.

Dan James Original

Accent presents the original patented lectern. Four different shell options and unlimited insert colors allow you to creatively customize your lectern to your own unique specifications.

Customize Design

Boost school spirit and loyalty with the lectern shell in your school colors, and the insert with your school name and mascot.

Clear Sound

Clear Sound systems can be inexpensively integrated into the lectern to ensure that every word is heard and understood. Protected connection area also helps to make sure no one trips on cables.