Best Lectern In The World This stately Accent Davinci Adjustable Lectern is designed to give you a grand scale, high end look and feel on conservative budget, and has the ability to integrate with existing sound systems. It comes with battery powered LED light, mic output, shelf space and Intelligibility goose neck microphone that sits in a shock mounted holder and will interface into any house sound system without needing phantom power. Weighing only 49 pounds, this majestic lectern combines lightweight and durability with interchangeable inserts that provide a refined and classy ambiance for your presentation.

Easy to use

Ergonomic, comfortable wrist rest and sleek rounded corners help eliminate damage to walls and doors.

High Quality

Constructed of high quality, durable polyethylene, one piece sheel is scratch resistant, doesn't break and comes with convenient storage shelf.

Clear Sound

Accent exclusive sound systems are engineered with intelligibility and clear sound in mind so every word is heard with ease.