Self Powered Speaker System

  • Independent master volume for each input, treble and bass tones setting.
  • Polarized input plug.
  • Balanced and non-balanced microphone input.
  • Professional wireless microphone.
  • Two different connectors for each microphone input: 6.3mm female and Cannon.
  • Two RCA and one Cannon input jacks as auxiliary.
  • 6.3mm female connector and Cannon connector for output line, allowing you to connect more than one 1679-
  • 2-15-BW, offering a sound system according your needs.
  • In-use and overload indicator.
  • Remote control
  • Light weight, easy to move, comes with top and side handles.
  • Designed to sit on the floor, a table top, or to fit on a standard tripod speaker stand.
  • Power cord included in the package.


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