Accent Classic Freedom UHF Lecterns and Podiums, Beige Granite - Dan James Original

• Light Weight, Durable Customizable Lecterns and Podiums • Optional shell colors and interchangeable inserts allow you to adapt by blending in or standing out with any décor and venue • Constructed of high quality, durable polyethylene; one piece shell is scratch resistant, doesn’t break and comes with convenient storage shelf • Accent Classic Freedom UHF Lecterns and Podiums comes fully equipped with a UHF wireless hand held mic, 8" UHF speaker on a stand, mixer and line input with easy access to panel controls, battery powered LED light, mic output, shelf space and Intelligibility goose neck microphone that sits in a shock mounted holder. • Accent exclusive sound systems are engineered with intelligibility and clear sound in mind so every word is heard with ease. • Ergonomic, comfortable wrist rest and sleek rounded corners help eliminate damage to walls and doors • Waterproof and portable with tilt back wheels so you can easily move it between venues indoors or out. • Protected connection areas allow you to rack mount optional electronics or personalize it with a logo • Because of its patented molded design there are many options that can be inexpensively added to customize it such as additional 8”, 10” or 12” speaker on a speaker stand, line output or a door for storage inside the modern lectern - all easy assembly. • Lifetime shell warranty, made in America


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