Majestic Key Valet

  • Grey Granite Shell With Silver Mist Insert
  • The Accent Majestic Key Valet Lectern is:
    • Complete with 100 hook locked key box Much easier to move around (1/3 the weight of a metal lectern)
    • Will look better longer (it cannot dent)
    • Will last longer (it will not rust)
    • Will not burn you (it is NOT BLACK so it will not burn you if in direct sun)
    • Will look better longer (it is hard to scratch and if it does it is not noticeable)
    • Is more aesthetic (it is not a square box)
    • Will match your decor (it can be inexpensively customized to match your décor
    • Is more functional (it comes with a needs including lighting, storage, signage etc.
    • Will save you money and give you more value (it is a better product for less money)
    • Is good for the environment (it is recyclable but will not need to be recycled because it will last so long)
    • Free added value (it comes with one free COOL parking barrier) more available
    • Save you stress (it is waterproof you can leave it out in the rain or snow with no damage


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