Multimedia Wood Podium Lectern

  • The Accent Westwood Lectern is a Multimedia Wood podium of sheer beauty and elegant cabinetry.
  • Handcrafted from solid cherry wood, seven-ply, and no void cabinet grade laminate, the substantial Westwood Lectern is built to last.
  • The oversized, 30-inch semi-enclosed reading surface ensures you'll always have room for notes, laptops and any materials for your presentation.
  • Use the LED reading lamp to see your notes after the house lights are brought down and the panel clock to keep your speech within it’s time frame.
  • The option of customizing the Westwood to add Intelligibility gooseneck mic, Speaker or complete Sound System will enable the audience to hear and understand every word with ease.
  • The Multimedia Wood Podium Lectern is designed and manufactured right here in America, and is nothing like the ordinary lecterns just off the China shelf!  Notice the stylishly crafted features of this spacious podium.
  • The fine woodwork adorns each corner with a fluted slot pattern.  The black wood trim near the top and at the bottom of the podium offsets the beauty of the cherry wood.
  • A shelf in the back allows storage of AV equipment and teaching aids.  The fine woodwork of this encompassing grand lectern adds a classic touch that compliments any venue and surroundings.


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